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The brief history of artificial intelligence: The world has changed fast
<https://ourworldindata.org/brief-history-of-ai> - what might be next? - Our
World in Data


 <https://ourworldindata.org/brief-history-of-ai> The brief history of
artificial intelligence: The world has changed fast - what might be next?

Since the early days of this history, some computer scientists have strived
to make machines as intelligent as humans. The next timeline shows some of
the notable artificial intelligence (AI) systems and describes what they
were capable of.






Thanks for the article Max.


Feynman and others who were involved in the atomic bomb wrote memoirs about
how they were caught up in the technical and scientific challenge of
fission.  Then after the Trinity site test, they pondered the ethical
challenges of the monster they helped unleash on the world.


I have been pondering for decades the use of AI-driven simulated companions
for elderly nursing home patients.  After fooling around with OpenAI, I came
away convinced this technology is good enough to work for that purpose.
Then suddenly. I began to wonder about the ethics of that.  I was able to
sidestep the question before, because I am familiar with nursing homes: most
of the patients have no one to talk to at all.  The staff is too busy and
the other patients have no patience.  So. a lonely fade away is all they


OK then, OpenAI-driven speech synthesizing avatars are good enough now to
carry a conversation indefinitely.  But for patients not all there, the
avatar can fool the interlocutor into believing she is with an actual human.
I can lose myself in another technical challenge: making a pair of robot
arms which are warmed and built to simulate the human touch, to hold the
patient's hand as she goes gently into that good night.  But in so doing, I
am making the ethical dilemma worse for myself: I am participating in
fooling the patient into believing she is not really dying lonely and


Do offer any available insights por favor.



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