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> OK then, OpenAI-driven speech synthesizing avatars are good enough now to
> carry a conversation indefinitely.  But for patients not all there, the
> avatar can fool the interlocutor into believing she is with an actual
> human.  I can lose myself in another technical challenge: making a pair of
> robot arms which are warmed and built to simulate the human touch, to hold
> the patient’s hand as she goes gently into that good night.  But in so
> doing, I am making the ethical dilemma worse for myself: I am participating
> in fooling the patient into believing she is not really dying lonely and
> forgotten.
> Do offer any available insights por favor.
You should abandon the idea that you need fool anyone.  Grandma's bot will
be the UI that generation understands.   It could be a rotary phone that
always answers when she wants to call a friend.  It could be a
retired-model sexbot repurposed to a wheelchair across from grandma -
uncanny valley is easily overlooked with grandma's visual acuity.

Basically this idea, https://welcome.storyworth.com/
but with an actively engaging conversationalist bot.

Last time you brought this up I imagined this device as autonomous data
gathering but also telepresence ... so family members needn't suffer a
commute to visit.  Honestly,  a hybrid bot solves some of the "what am I
actually talking to?" question.

I was also thinking about the software side of how an operator might review
conversations and tag details for followup and deeper inquiry. There are
challenges for privacy on many levels.  This is a completely separate

I imagine the hybrid auto+remote presence will become a ubiquitous feature
of IoT - whether it's a baby-monitor, internet- connected barbi, or
nannybot.  Kids have no understanding of a world without surveillance.  Us
old-heads need to realize we're also under observation and supervision
too.  Question is if we're getting any value in the transaction or only
providing the value to someone else.

Sorry spike, i started with the idea that you aren't harming the elderly
with your chatbot and I ended up in the dystopian near future (near enough
as to be called present?)
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