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Do offer any available insights por favor.

>…You should abandon the idea that you need fool anyone.  Grandma's bot will be the UI that generation understands. …


>…Sorry spike, i started with the idea that you aren't harming the elderly with your chatbot and I ended up in the dystopian near future (near enough as to be called present?)




Mike I read your post word for word twice but didn’t see a single thing in there I would consider the least bit dystopian.  Do elaborate if you intended something of that sort, for I missed it twice.  It is good stuff: helpful and optimistic.  


I agree about the younger generation growing up with zero expectation of privacy, very unlike me: I am very concerned about ubiquitous surveillance.  Considering I am both an openness advocate and a straight arrow in everything, this is an odd position perhaps, but I do feel we are all entitled to some degree of privacy.  My son’s generation never really had that and do not demand it.  Oy.


Regarding your comments on grandma not being too bothered by the “what am I talking to” question, your notion about using the bot as a stand-in for a phone is a marvelous idea.  That has my wheels turning.  There aughta be some way of making that happen.


In any case: OK, sure there will be some elderly not-all-theres who will be fooled but you are right: I might be overly obsessing on that.  This is one of those things I have been thinking about since my teens, working in a facility for the… not just elderly but specifically senile.  They were kept in a separate area from the other patients.  I have thought for over 40 years there should be some way to interact with these patients and make their final years more comfortable.


OpenAI is a great leap forward I perceive.





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