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> Mike I read your post word for word twice but didn’t see a single thing in
> there I would consider the least bit dystopian.  Do elaborate if you
> intended something of that sort, for I missed it twice.  It is good stuff:
> helpful and optimistic.
Cool.  Thanks for the feedback.

I drew three points and called it a line:
Caring for the elderly because they've lost the capacity to interpolate
much less extrapolate; caring for children because they don't know any
better; nanny-state treating adult citizens as either of those first two

I've been told recently that I have trust issues.  Maybe. Yeah, I assume
every good thing has the potential to hide the downside until after the
buyer's remorse.

> Regarding your comments on grandma not being too bothered by the “what am
> I talking to” question, your notion about using the bot as a stand-in for a
> phone is a marvelous idea.  That has my wheels turning.  There aughta be
> some way of making that happen.
Wheels turning... awesome.

>   They were kept in a separate area from the other patients.  I have
> thought for over 40 years there should be some way to interact with these
> patients and make their final years more comfortable.
Never experienced that.   I can imagine a ever-present occupant of the
common-area who is always interested in conversation.  It would be a
feature of the place, but also would help the staff absorb some of the
attention necessary to make time less boring... but again, my intended
"customer" would be the family members who wouldn't know (or have time) to
ask the right questions.

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