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Subject: [ExI] AI harming humanity

AI is here, and it’s harming future generations (and the present ones) An English teacher’s thoughts on “The College Essay is Dead” and ChatGPT.
Natalie Kay   Dec 9, 2022


>>...I’m grieving a world where my students, and future generations broadly, are not going to be able to experience the satisfaction and self-growth that school should foster... Why learn to do any of this if the AI will take over our jobs anyway? (English teacher)

>...AI progress is going to profoundly affect our civilisation.
Even before we reach the AGI Singularity.   BillK.


Ja, not doubt this is true BillK.

I was at a national level math tournament at Berkeley last month.  While the students were competing, the grownups were invited to attend a lecture by a guy who is on the admissions committee at one of the three American universities which use American Math Competition and American Invitational Math Exam scores as primary admissions criteria.  He spoke of what they decided they could no longer use: essays.  The admissions committee would get stacks of these marvelous admissions essays, some bad, some good, some great... and no possible way to determine who or what wrote it.

So... they had to disregard those.  He spoke of that change in past tense.

OK.  Hmmm...  That would certainly fit your comment about the profound impact of AI before we reach AGI singularity.  We are already being replaced.  The defeat of the vast Twitter moderation army is just a most visible case.

We are left with a profound question: Why do the British spell civilization with an s?

No wait, that isn't the profound question.  The question: what is the meaning of life, if our intellectual function can be replaced by software, which is far cheaper than we are?


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