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> If that
> fair city can somehow manage to raise the funds to buy distressed hotels
> and
> convert it to homeless shelters, the ones thus taken off the street will
> soon be replaced with new homeless.  I predict the problem cannot be solved
> without forcibly removing the homeless to a camp somewhere east of the
> city.

Would this camp, in turn, not expand indefinitely?

Also, what of those who do not want housing - who prefer to live on the
streets?  Their data and logic may be broken, but they resist being placed
in housing - or just act destructively to any housing they are placed in,
perhaps with no clue how to live in a house.  This is not currently
considered a mental illness that one can be institutionalized for, and
there would likely be a significant outcry - not to mention massive abuses,
locking up people for being accused of being homeless without much (or any)
proof, rather than only on demonstration to a court of willing preference
for homelessness - if it were.
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