[ExI] infliction point

spike at rainier66.com spike at rainier66.com
Mon Dec 12 03:32:12 UTC 2022

"Los Angeles has called me to serve at an infliction point in our history."
Los Angeles Mayor Elect Bass

I heard the audio, and it sure sounded like she said infliction point.  In
any case, I can't imagine why anyone would want that job.  I suspect the
problem of homelessness in Los Angeles is not solvable by the proposed
means: encouraging more housing to be built on existing residential lots.
Not enough people will build that to make any significant dent.  If that
fair city can somehow manage to raise the funds to buy distressed hotels and
convert it to homeless shelters, the ones thus taken off the street will
soon be replaced with new homeless.  I predict the problem cannot be solved
without forcibly removing the homeless to a camp somewhere east of the city.
Note I am not claiming that it is a good solution, but only that it is more
likely to succeed than rubber-stamping building permits for adjunct
buildings or converting tool sheds to small homes for rent.


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