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>...I think we need to get smart phones out of the classroom, even though parents want to be able to hear from their children in the event of a mass shooting--an exceedingly rare occurrence...




On the contrary Dave.  In about the past 10 years, cell phones in the classroom have become universal.  This has caused teachers to become so well-behaved.  Knowing that a single even short rant on anything political, regardless of what, could land them on a FaceBook page, which would quickly be promoted to Twitter, which then goes to a lede story on FoxNews or CNN, followed the next day by a notice of suspension with pay pending an internal review (with a handwritten sticky note suggesting getting the old resume brushed up.)

Six years ago, the local high school principal went on a rant that resulted in this viral chain of events: it was recorded, FaceBooked, Twittered, FoxNewsed (all in the space of two days) and adios amigo.  Two years later one of the very popular teachers did something similar with similar results.  Interesting twist: he apologized to the community and the school board, mentioned that the recording itself by the student was illegal (is it, legal hipsters?) but it was adios amigo anyway.

Our local teachers have universally taken up actual, literal teaching since then.


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