[ExI] AI harming humanity

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Sun Dec 11 20:25:26 UTC 2022

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Subject: Re: [ExI] AI harming humanity

>...I suspect the deprivation of meaning will lead to depravity. What better
way to pass the time than to war when the basic necessities are covered?


Gadersd, I am reminded of my tragically misspent college days.  I don't know
why I even bothered to go.  I couldn't really afford it.  No money for all
the usual college debauchery, depravity and youthful dissipations and
indiscretion, even if I had lusted for those things.  Poverty forced upon me
bauchery, pravity, sippations and discretion only, the whole squandered
time, these all being free.  

Were it possible to purchase sexual gratification by the stroke, I would
have been able to afford only about three or four of them at most, and all
of those would have been the out-strokes only, these being much lower
priced, but far less satisfying.  It was so sad.  Squandered all four years
on endless rounds of study and such.  Pathetic!  Oy vey, I was such a poster
child.  I might as well have stayed home and remained stupid.  


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