[ExI] AI harming humanity

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>... my tragically misspent college days.  ... I would have been able to
afford only about three or four of them at most, and all of those would have
been the out-strokes only, these being much lower priced, but far less
satisfying...  I might as well have stayed home and remained stupid.  spike

Posting crap like that gives me nightmares.  Consider the risk.  What if...
I accidentally discover something outrageously cool, such as a senility cure
or an equation that allows me to generate Mersenne primes 1000 times faster.
Then... I am up there getting a Nobel prize or (even cooler) the Fields
medal.  I would be required to put on that weird penguin suit thing and have
the king of... (what is that guy the king of?  Tannu Tuva or like... France
or something?) wherever he is the king of, putting that medal on my neck so
I must act all dignified and like... intelligent.  But out in the audience,
the angry displaced worthy scientists and mathematicians who never heard of
me would be in the bleachers looking up my stuff on their cell phones and
finding... crap like the quoted passage above.  Well you know what they
would do: bust out in derisive laughter like those two geezers in the
balcony of the Muppet show.  It would completely ruin the otherwise
dignified proceedings.  Gives a lad nightmares it does.

I have taken appropriate safety precautions however: I make sure to not
discover something absurdly cool, so I don't need to worry about
accidentally winning the Nobel or the Fields.


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