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>  Mike, perhaps to become first to discover the bad news about
> mathematics.  In the meantime… distrust away, me lad.  It’s not an issue,
> it’s a solution, to the problem of excessive trust.  I have been cured of
> that one, with plenty of medications to combat excessive trust coming this
> past week.
I like math, but I must admit I skim the long algebraic proofs as so many
sqiggles.  Really good (imo) math is explained geometrically/visually.
Yeah, I know that might make an engineer raise an eyebrow, but I'm going to
trust that experience with your scouts has shown you a hands(eyes)-on
approach can be more effective than reading the manual for those with a
modality preference. :)

To that end,  I recently discovered a youtube channel called Mathologer
that has an inspiring speaker and a visual explanation of some pretty cool
math stuff


> But I digress, for I want this thread to continue along the line of using
> the new tools such as OpenAI to create companion bots.
Are we talking about highfalutin ideas followed by QED... or actually
outlining a plan to make a deliverable product? I hate to tell you,  this
is isn't an easy road from great idea through hand-wavey step to buttload
of money.  I know that is your oft-stated motivation for doing things

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