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>…To that end,  I recently discovered a youtube channel called Mathologer that has an inspiring speaker and a visual explanation of some pretty cool math stuff






There is so much excellent instructional video available free or on Brilliant.org that a prole can scarcely scratch the surface.  Oh is this a cool time to be alive, or what?  I curse my grievous agedness.  I envy the young.  They have so much, most of it free, content donated by guys like Mathologer.


 But I digress, for I want this thread to continue along the line of using the new tools such as OpenAI to create companion bots.  

>…Are we talking about highfalutin ideas followed by QED... or actually outlining a plan to make a deliverable product? I hate to tell you,  this is isn't an easy road from great idea through hand-wavey step to buttload of money.  I know that is your oft-stated motivation for doing things…



Ja, it is such a curse that it is so difficult to merely make a buttload of money.


What I have learned in all this is that anything I think of, there are already teams of hipsters that have been on it and doing cool stuff for years.  In a remarkably many cases, it is happening within a twenty mile radius of where I am sitting (kewalll!)


The task is then just to find who is doing it, what does it cost, what’s it do, how well does it do it.  Then we buy their stock, make a buttload.  Mike I am not pretending I have the programming chops to integrate talking avatars, speech recognition and OpenAI.  I suck far too much to do all that.  But I can recognize a workable product, and can arrange tests, being familiar with senile people who need it right now (no not me dammit, I mean those who really are currently literally senile.)



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