[ExI] AI harming humanity

Dave S snapbag at proton.me
Mon Dec 12 00:38:58 UTC 2022

On Sunday, December 11th, 2022 at 11:15 AM, spike jones via extropy-chat <extropy-chat at lists.extropy.org> wrote:

> > ...Maybe we'll be free to learn, think, do, travel, express ourselves,
> > etc., without having to devote most of our lives to meeting our basic needs.
> Indeed? Who is going to pay us to do all that? Dave it is already that way
> for the independently wealthy, but most of us here are not in that class.

Who's going to pay anyone to do anything when AIs can do it for almost nothing?

Technology has been taking work from workers since the Industrial Age began. That's only going to get worse in the future. We've compensated mostly by reducing the number of hours worked per week, but how long can that continue? The population is increasing and the number of workers needed is decreasing.


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