[ExI] what would any of us have done differently?

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>>…We saw what Musk did with Twitter.  What would any of us here have done any differently?  I couldn’t think of anything either.




>…Would you share some before and after examples? I bring this up because I’m not seeing it. I am seeing less overall news in my feed. (I see a lot of RWNJ content too, but I’m not sure I’m seeing more of this than before Musk took over.)… Dan





Dan, with Twitter you are in complete control of your own news feed on Twitter.  If you identify a RWNJ, stop following that source.  Simple.  This could explain why you are seeing less overall news in your feed, but I am seeing a lot more now.


You wanted an example.  OK there was a local crime story I didn’t hear about when it happened, but received a link a few days later on Twitter to the FBI report and the mainstream news story.  I noted that they contradicted each other, and that some of the contradictions (well, nearly all of them) were not resolved.  Or if so, I haven’t heard the resolution.


Some of the references said the attacker was green party registered, another said he is not a US citizen.  Which?  Is the green party somehow registering non-citizens now?  Is the body cam video being intentionally withheld for a reason?  What reason?  Are people being called conspiracy theorists for asking obvious questions?  Does that mean one can be a theorist without a theory?  Am I the only person who read that FBI report and can make no sense of it?  


Consider the come-to-Jesus confessions that Twitter2.0 is doing now, hoping it doesn’t get its corporate butt sued off for what Twitter1.0 did.  That is some huge news there.  Note that the mainstream news sources don’t want to talk a lot about that stuff.  But Twitter is buzzing about it, as it should be: The FBI met with internet social media companies to shape content?  Indeed?  


In any case, Twitter has become my main news source because I can control it, unlike the mainstream press which chooses what you see and your only choice is take it or leave it.  I can adjust Twitter to focus more on local stuff (such as that hammer business (San Francisco has become a damn scary dangerous place in the past 20 years (all while San Jose has generally become far less scary than it once was (why is that?  (I think it is because so many cities are exporting their problems and poster children to San Francisco.))))







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