[ExI] what would any of us have done differently?

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> We are seeing a dramatic transition play out at Twitter.  It has now become my primary news source, surpassing Reason and Slashdot.  Now I would put it in first place for finding information.
> I would credit Elon Musk for successfully saving Twitter, for we can see that on its previous path, losing money at that rate, it would have been in bankruptcy in the near term.  Then we would either have no Twitter or a version of it with no moderation at all, which would likely devolve into the chaotic hellscape were told it would be now but isn’t.
> We saw what Musk did with Twitter.  What would any of us here have done any differently?  I couldn’t think of anything either.
> spike

Would you share some before and after examples? I bring this up because I’m not seeing it. I am seeing less overall news in my feed. (I see a lot of RWNJ content too, but I’m not sure I’m seeing more of this than before Musk took over.)

I credit Musk with wasting his time and resources+ on Twitter. From a posthumanist perspective, he could’ve sunk that money into research projects involving longevity, IA, AI, nanotech, and even pure science research. (I mean even stuff where there’s no expected money return. If I had over 40 billion USD to throw around, aside from just living well and making my friends and many others no longer have to worry about much in the way of normal financial concerns (food, rent, medical bills, student loans), I’d be funding life extension research, cryonics research, and more. I would not be trying to pretend I was championing civilization by embracing thugs and bigots.)



* Heck, even he tried to back out of the deal, which tells you at least some of his actions are face-saving to mask that he really wanted to walk away from this. In fact, he was sued and lost that case in court.
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