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> >…Apparently he was framed.  The FBI, knowing this, has no need to arrest
> him.  Source:
> https://www.nytimes.com/2022/07/13/us/politics/jan-6-conspiracy-theory-ray-epps.html
> Ah, framed!  It isn’t Ray Epps urging the crowd to go inside the capitol
> inside the capitol?  Who is it?  Has the FBI any leads on the identity of
> the inside the capitol inside the capitol guy, who framed Ray Epps?

"Framed" might not be the most precise word.  It's whatever you and people
like you are doing, to assume he must be guilty.  (So to literally
answer those last two questions: the FBI knows that it's you and many like
you.  It's not "the" person, it's a bunch of people - some acting
independently, most of them fed simple but misleading logic and/or
partially or entirely false data - way too many to arrest over simple
defamation, as is often the true source of what at first seem to be
conspiracies of this nature.)

Urge people to go in, he did.  Do so at the behest of the FBI, he did not.
As the linked-to story puts it:

"While Mr. Epps was a participant in some of the events that unfolded on
Jan. 6, the claim that he inspired the Capitol riot in a “false flag” plot
is solely based on the fact that he has never been arrested and therefore
must be under the protection of the government."

"Mr. Epps said that he had acted stupidly at times when he and one of his
sons took a last-minute trip to Washington for Mr. Trump’s speech about
election fraud. But he said that he had managed to avoid arrest because he
reached out to the F.B.I. within minutes of discovering that agents wanted
to speak with him and demonstrated during interviews with them that he had
spent much of his time at the Capitol seeking to calm down other rioters,
an assertion supported by multiple video clips."

This is but one of many things you are wrong about, Spike, which you could
easily discover the truth about if you were willing to do so* - and which
most of us on this list know how to find out the truth about.  Indeed, one
might say that Internet-enabled ease of discovering these truths is one of
the transhuman technologies we had hoped would enlighten the world...and it
still can.

* That you continue to aggressively spout such questions, and specifically
the manner in which you ask (as if the only possible answer was your
preconceived notion even when it goes against the evidence), suggests that
you are unwilling to honestly seek the truth.  That is what offends many of
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