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>…"Framed" might not be the most precise word.  It's whatever you and people like you are doing, to assume he must be guilty…


Adrian, I didn’t assume Ray Epps is guilty.  Either Epps or the guy who framed him urged the crowd to go inside the capitol inside the capitol.  Somebody did that.  That person is guilty of inciting a riot.  I didn’t assume Ray Epps is guilty, but somebody was doing that.  Asking a question doesn’t assume anything and isn’t a theory.


I will tell you what it looks like, but that isn’t necessary.  Plenty of us think that guy on the video inciting a riot was Ray Epps, and plenty of us think he did instigate that riot (because we saw him do it on video.)  Plenty of us think he crossed the police barrier (because we saw him do it on video.)  What Ray Epps (or whoever framed him) really needs is some video suggesting that he was calming other rioters when it appears on multiple other video he was urging them to go inside the capitol inside the capitol.


Adrian the reason this is important is that the FBI has an enormous credibility problem that they are ignoring as hard as they can, pretending if they can just ignore it hard enough, it will go away.  It isn’t going away, it is continuing to eat away at the FBI’s credibility.


Musk’s actions the last coupla weeks suggest that the FBI did still more highly questionable stuff, such as meeting with FaceBook and Twitter1.0 to suppress a message.  Note there is no partisan anything here, no left vs right.  The FBI doesn’t have a party.  Those guys are law enforcement.  They need to clear the air a bit methinks.






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