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> >…"Framed" might not be the most precise word.  It's whatever you and
> people like you are doing, to assume he must be guilty…
> Adrian, I didn’t assume Ray Epps is guilty.  Either Epps or the guy who
> framed him urged the crowd to go inside the capitol inside the capitol.
> Somebody did that.  That person is guilty of inciting a riot.

Until now, you kept saying the problem was that the FBI's plant did this,
not merely the incitement itself.  Pretending that I mean guilty of the
incitement, rather than of being a false flag, does not change what I was
clearly talking about.  Refer to
https://www.econlib.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/goalpost.gif .

I could just as easily quote only "I didn't assume Ray Epps is guilty." and
say that you had accused him of raping children without there being any
identifiable children apparently raped by him and therefore you had assumed
he was guilty.

> Adrian the reason this is important is that the FBI has an enormous
> credibility problem

Musk’s actions the last coupla weeks suggest that the FBI did still more
> highly questionable stuff

And here you are again, noting that it is the FBI's alleged involvement
that is the issue.

Why do you think this list will fall for that, when time after time you
keep trying and we haven't?
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