[ExI] what would any of us have done differently?

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>>…Adrian, I didn’t assume Ray Epps is guilty.  Either Epps or the guy who framed him urged the crowd to go inside the capitol inside the capitol.  Somebody did that.  That person is guilty of inciting a riot.


>…Until now, you kept saying the problem was that the FBI's plant did this, not merely the incitement itself…



That IS the problem Adrian!  The graphics of all this is terrible for the FBI.  We have the bastard (either Ray Epps or someone who looks like him) on video inciting a riot with that ‘inside the capitol inside the capitol’ business, clearly unambiguously inciting a riot in which one person was shot and killed, another trampled, but that guy wasn’t arrested.  The FBI, under oath and directly questioned by a senator flatly refuses to answer why that guy wasn’t arrested.  That is the problem, a really big one.  





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