[ExI] what would any of us have done differently?

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> That IS the problem Adrian!  The graphics of all this is terrible for the
> FBI.  We have the bastard (either Ray Epps or someone who looks like him)
> on video inciting a riot with that ‘inside the capitol inside the capitol’
> business, clearly unambiguously inciting a riot in which one person was
> shot and killed, another trampled, but that guy wasn’t arrested.

As the lawyers would say, "Objection: asked and answered".

It has already been stated, on this thread earlier today, why he wasn't
arrested.  You replied to the post quoting the reason.

In that same post it was pointed out that the fact that he wasn't arrested
is the primary evidence people are using to claim he must be working for or
with the FBI, or is otherwise under its protection - just like you are

You ignore this, which means your continued arguments on this topic are in
bad faith.  Do not attempt to pretend otherwise: it is you, Spike, who has
lost all credibility on this topic.

You used to be much better than this.  I hope you can find your way back.
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