[ExI] what would any of us have done differently?

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>…As the lawyers would say, "Objection: asked and answered"…



Adrian, your “answer” and the one the article suggested is that Epps wasn’t arrested because he contacted the FBI and… what?  Apologized?  For… a felony?  Is that all a felon needs to do?  What if other felons discover that defense?


I didn’t buy it then, don’t now, nor do the people still asking the same question: how can a guy instigate a riot and get away by just calling up the FBI?  There are a lot of things we still want to know, such as: how does that get him out of a charge of inciting a riot?  He’s the only one we have on video inciting a riot.


But no worries, I feel pretty confident the FBI will be asked pretty soon the same question they refused to answer before, but this time they may have fewer options.





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