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> >…As the lawyers would say, "Objection: asked and answered"…
> Adrian, your “answer” and the one the article suggested is that Epps
> wasn’t arrested because he contacted the FBI and… what?  Apologized?  For…
> a felony?

Not just that.  As posted, he was also attempting damage control at the
event once he realized his mistake, and there is video evidence of this too.

Reaching out to the police and offering assistance (not just an apology)
instead of waiting to be arrested can sometimes get them to treat you more
favorably, which can include not being arrested, especially when it enables
more accurate justice, getting them information of use to them that they
otherwise would not have.  I've used this technique myself for lesser
events, and it has worked.  If you need retributive justice to be done, you
can consider the labor of assisting the police to be the quid pro quo.

For example: many years ago a pedestrian ran into my car - literally: she
burst out from bushes on the side of the road too close for me to stop,
though I did slam on the brakes and swerve to minimize damage.  At first
the cops thought it was a hit and run (the car was still there but they
thought the driver had fled) and were preparing to charge accordingly,
until I walked forth from the onlookers and introduced myself, stating
(correctly) that I had thought the police wanted to investigate without
being interrupted but I was willing to move the car (the specific thing
they were wanting at that moment) and otherwise cooperate.  In the end, the
police report called it a no-fault true accident.  I think my insurance
didn't even have to pay the pedestrian's damages, just the repairs to my

What if other felons discover that defense?

Then we live in the world that we are living in now - though, again, it
takes more than a mere apology to avoid arrest entirely.

It would seem that you are one of today's ten thousand:
https://xkcd.com/1053/ .
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