[ExI] what would any of us have done differently?

Will Steinberg steinberg.will at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 23:20:06 UTC 2022

Twitter is exactly identical to what it was except now Elon is pushing his
cringe posts to my feed even though I don't follow him.

NOTHING has changed, you are experiencing a delusion in that regard.  I
also kinda doubt you ever used it much before so I think it's probably not
possible for you to make a before/after statement.

Twitter has always been this: good for in-the-moment breaking news and
community investigations, but prone to bubbly echo-chamber stuff as well as
witch hunts and misinfo/disinfo spreading fast.  The condensing of posts
down to around 200 characters also results in things being much stupider.

Overall I am mostly just kind of shocked that there really is a belief out
there that Twitter has changed much at all or that it even could change so
much so quickly.  Everything is mostly the same and while new rules and
management might be pushing it in a better direction, it's 100% placebo if
you think you can see drastic changes already.  More likely, you just never
really knew what Twitter was like.

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> We are seeing a dramatic transition play out at Twitter.  It has now
> become my primary news source, surpassing Reason and Slashdot.  Now I would
> put it in first place for finding information.
> I would credit Elon Musk for successfully saving Twitter, for we can see
> that on its previous path, losing money at that rate, it would have been in
> bankruptcy in the near term.  Then we would either have no Twitter or a
> version of it with no moderation at all, which would likely devolve into
> the chaotic hellscape were told it would be now but isn’t.
> We saw what Musk did with Twitter.  What would any of us here have done
> any differently?  I couldn’t think of anything either.
> spike
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