[ExI] what would any of us have done differently?

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>…Twitter is exactly identical to what it was except now Elon is pushing his cringe posts to my feed even though I don't follow him…


Is there an active block feature?  You are right, I am not an experienced Twitter user.  The dramatic transition is not so much in content but rather in openness.  Elon is confessing everything, probably in hopes that his company doesn’t get its corporate butt sued off.


>…Twitter has always been this: good for in-the-moment breaking news and community investigations…


Cool, let’s investigate, shall we?  Let us start with why this Ray Epps (or whoever framed him) isn’t in prison, even though we have the bastard on multiple videos inciting a riot in which people died.


>…Overall I am mostly just kind of shocked that there really is a belief out there that Twitter has changed much at all or that it even could change so much so quickly…


The payroll has changed much and changed quickly.


>…Everything is mostly the same and while new rules and management might be pushing it in a better direction, it's 100% placebo if you think you can see drastic changes already.  More likely, you just never really knew what Twitter was like…


OK good enough.  I will accept that.


Will, for some time now I have ridden a hobby horse about the use of machines in elections.  Now I have two of them: first, replace the machines in elections with humans, and second, replace the humans with machines in Twitter.


Reason for horse one: we don’t trust them.  Reason for horse two: we don’t trust them. 


So we count votes with human volunteers and do moderation by open-source public-available software.




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