[ExI] Fusion breakthrough

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> Last point: half a century ago we thought we were running out of oil and were in a race to find alternatives.  The difference now is that we really are in a race to find alternatives.  This is not to say hydrocarbon combustion is going away anytime soon, for it isn’t.  But we are getting more serious about finding alternatives rather than fighting over the last lump of coal.  If you look at all available choices, it will be nuclear.  We know fusion is back there somewhere, but currently fission is in the lead and pulling away.
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But remember, we know how to build fission reactor plants and it still
takes 10+ years, allowing for time and cost overruns.
We don't know how to build fusion reactor plants at all. So it will be
decades until they arrive. One estimate I read said to assume the
2050s before a working fusion reactor plant is built and connected to
the grid.


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