[ExI] what would any of us have done differently?

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Wed Dec 14 19:05:15 UTC 2022

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>>... Will, for some time now I have ridden a hobby horse about the use of 
> machines in elections.  Now I have two of them: first, replace the 
> machines in elections with humans, and second, replace the humans with 
> machines in Twitter.

>...If you think Twitter, particularly led by Elon Musk, should be involved
elections, I'd have to say you've drank the Flavor Aid...

John I didn't state that clearly.  I didn't mean Twitter would have anything
to do with elections.  Two completely different suggestions: get the humans
mostly out of the loop in Twitter, get the machines completely out of the
loop in elections.  

>...Elon gets butthurt at the slightest things. He reacts in ways that show
has no understanding of others and no empathy. He does not see other 
humans as in any way equals to himself...

Aspergers.  Since it is a named condition for which psychologist have
assured us is a condition with which some are born, it is highly improper to
criticize the patient.  He can't stop having Aspergers.  But he can save
Twitter, which was only a few minutes from bankruptcy when he stepped in.  I
heard they weren't even paying the rent.


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