[ExI] what would any of us have done differently?

John Klos john at ziaspace.com
Wed Dec 14 21:30:13 UTC 2022

> > ...If you think Twitter, particularly led by Elon Musk, should be 
> > involved in elections, I'd have to say you've drank the Flavor Aid...
> John I didn't state that clearly.  I didn't mean Twitter would have anything
> to do with elections.  Two completely different suggestions: get the humans
> mostly out of the loop in Twitter, get the machines completely out of the
> loop in elections.

I see. Yes, Twitter being involved in any way with elections would just be 

> > ...Elon gets butthurt at the slightest things. He reacts in ways that 
> > show he has no understanding of others and no empathy. He does not see 
> > other humans as in any way equals to himself...
> Aspergers.  Since it is a named condition for which psychologist have
> assured us is a condition with which some are born, it is highly improper to
> criticize the patient.  He can't stop having Aspergers.  But he can save
> Twitter, which was only a few minutes from bankruptcy when he stepped in.  I
> heard they weren't even paying the rent.

I don't agree with that at all. If he's aware of his condition, yet he 
doesn't care in the least to remove himself from situations where his 
condition would cause him to mis-evaluate and make woefully poor 
decisions, that's not right.

You can't choose to be an asshole, then just blame it on Asperger's.

He chooses to involve himself with stuff like human resources. And while 
you believe Twitter couldn't pay its rent, which isn't true, he's doing 
that with SpaceX, too, by expecting people to give up their personal lives 
or be fired.

BTW - you might want to examine where you get your pro-Elon information, 
Spike. The idea that Twitter hasn't paid their rent had literally nothing 
to do with them running out of money or being near bankrupt, which is what 
Elon has suggested. It's because Elon stopped paying it!


I agree the companies with which he's involved are doing good things, but 
when they get to the point where profit becomes more important than 
progress, one needs to step back. Someone who has no capacity for empathy, 
shouldn't be involved in the decisionmaking related to, for instance, 
self-driving cars that end up killing people.


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