[ExI] what would any of us have done differently?

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>...I don't agree with that at all. If he's aware of his condition, yet he
doesn't care in the least to remove himself from situations where his
condition would cause him to mis-evaluate and make woefully poor decisions,
that's not right...

John, Twitter was crashing.  Musk buying Twitter wasn't a woefully poor
decision.  It would take someone with his business skill and his pile of
money to save that company.  I don't know who else could have or would have
done it.  Do you?  

>...You can't choose to be an asshole, then just blame it on Asperger's...

Sure but with Aspergers, he didn't choose to be an asshole.  It chose him.

He chooses to involve himself with stuff like human resources. And while you
believe Twitter couldn't pay its rent, which isn't true, he's doing that
with SpaceX, too, by expecting people to give up their personal lives or be

>...BTW - you might want to examine where you get your pro-Elon information,

>From Twitter.  That was easy.  If Twitter goes out of business, we know the
information I got from Twitter was wrong.  If it stays in business, then
Twitter was right and Elon saved Twitter.  

Jack was failing badly.  What kind of people the CEOs are is completely
irrelevant.  What kind of business skills they have are what matters in that
situation.  If the employees choose to stay, they are agreeing to his terms,
even if they don't like him.

>...The idea that Twitter hasn't paid their rent had literally nothing to do
with them running out of money or being near bankrupt, which is what Elon
has suggested. It's because Elon stopped paying it!

Ja, of course it has everything to do with them running out of money.
Companies pay for their expenses.  Twitter was so deep in the red, it
couldn't pay for itself (at those staffing levels.)  If it is that deep in
the red with no viable recovery plan, it is time to use the remaining cash
on hand to buy out the remaining share holders rather than just run that
remaining value to zero.  So ja, it was running out of money, to the tune of
4 million bucks a day.  A CEO's duty is to protect the investors.  Was Jack
doing that?  

If Elon owns that company, he is the only stockholder.  If it is losing
money and he can't save it, then no more Twitter.  Where do the idle
twitters go then?  Truth Social?

>...I agree the companies with which he's involved are doing good things,
but when they get to the point where profit becomes more important than
progress, one needs to step back...

John, without profit, there is no progress because there is no company.
Profit drives all progress.

>...Someone who has no capacity for empathy, shouldn't be involved in the
decisionmaking related to, for instance, self-driving cars that end up
killing people.  John

Well there ya go.  I noticed that Tesla has taken a step back from the
notion of level 4.  I predict that a lot of the current driver assist
features in other brands will disappear in the coming model years, with the
exception of auto-braking.  I predict no steering-wheel interference on the
part of the car in the 2033 model year.  


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