[ExI] what would any of us have done differently?

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> But if we ignore the fact that he's simply a shitty person and separately
> evaluate the idea that Twitter is somehow more open, is it?

### I wonder how much of the current anti-Elon hysteria is due to the
visceral hatred that leftists have for successful people and how much of
the outrage is actively manufactured by the various power groups that are
made a bit insecure (not really threatened, that would be too much hope
for) by Elon's honesty.

Tesla stock dropped so low it's trading at cheaper EPS than Chipotle.

If I had any cash not earmarked for taxes now, I'd be buying more Tesla
stock.... except there is the coming recession on top of the existing
recession, so maybe it's best to hold on to cash until sometime next year.

Long live Elon, the Paladin of Truth!

Elon for POTUS!
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