[ExI] what would any of us have done differently?

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Consider the trend our society (and the world) has been experiencing (perpetrating?) for a long time: toward a kind of universal subjectivity, where one may define one’s own reality.  


Only two decades ago, that was a joke:




Recall that Jack Nicholson attempted that defense in One Flew Over the Cucoo’s Nest.  Instead of being sent to prison with a bunch of murderous bastards, he was sent to an institution, thinly disguised as a hospital, where he was with a bunch of crazy murderous bastards.  Plus one really mean nurse.


With that, consider that comment I made earlier to John Kloz about how we refrain from criticism of Musk because of… Aspergers, which makes his ruthlessness an involuntary feature of his condition rather than a commentary on his character.  How does one prove someone else isn’t one of those borderline versions of…what?  Mentally nonmainstream?  Impossible.


But I keep going back to the original question: what could we have done differently?  Jack Dorsey could be the most sensitive nicest guy on the planet, but he was in a powerdive which was easily recognized by the most casual of observers.  The stockholders bailed at the first opportunity, which Musk provided.  Musk is a business guy: he knew the revenue must somehow meet payroll plus expenses, and it isn’t clear how he could make revenue go up.  Ja?  So what the hell else could he do besides go down that payroll list with a roaring chainsaw?  Anyone?  What could he have done any different?




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