[ExI] what would any of us have done differently?

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>…If you wanna talk about Kesey you need to take some damn psychedelics…



Eh, Will I shall leave that to others, thanks.  It is already damn psychedelic in here within my mind without damn psychedelics or any other chemical assistance.  I sometimes wonder if I were to eat these psychedelics, would I become… normal?  The mind boggles.


But my comment was more about Jack Nicholson, for he was such an astonishing talent at playing crazy bastards.  Consider his biggest roles: a murderous crazy in The Shining, a recovering “crazy fuck” in As Good As It Gets, a criminal crazy in Batman, a kinda crazy in Easy Rider, an ambiguously crazy criminal in One Flew Over the Cucoo’s Nest.  With those major roles, one gets the feeling that Jack is really good at playing a crazy, so… we dang sure hope all that is just good acting and he isn’t really that way.





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