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>…### Yeah, and that SNL appearance was cringe, too. Elon is aspy, no question about it…


>…That's why I do support Elon, cringe and all…Rafal



Ja, but none of that cringe business matters Rafal.  It doesn’t matter if Elon is an asshole, doesn’t matter what kind of soda he drinks.  This is a rush to save what I think is worth saving.  


I can see the value of Twitter’s continued existence in principle: huge audience, plenty of detractors, automated open moderation (so we can copy the moderation software and use it here) and so forth.


In order to save that company it will take someone who has a lot of business talent and just does what he thinks needs to happen.  Aspergers people can be that way: they understand the line of the song which goes “…ya can’t please everyone, so ya got to please yourself…”


Saving Twitter requires drastic action.  It really does require an Aspy with hundreds of billions of dollars.  How many of those do we have?  Failing that, let’s start a GoFundMe, or better yet start a GoFundthehellouttaME because I will need a loooootta lotta money to buy that outfit.  


Moving the Twitter HQ out to Lodi seems like a good move, and one which I hope Elon makes: plenty of room out there, low priced real estate, plenty of current employees who will refuse to go, which means fewer layoffs.  Each quitter is a saved job for someone else.  Many of the quitters would likely be high-end salary types, which could save several jobs.  For some of those employees (the ones who stay) that move would be a dream: the rank and file employees can own a home, something few could do in San Francisco.


Furthermore… Lodi could really use a high-value facelift.



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