[ExI] what would any of us have done differently?

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> @Rafal: personally I'm not a huge fan for reasons you did not state.  I
> appreciate his businesses and that he is probably the most
> innovative/creative/earnest hyper-rich celebrity mogul we have (low bar).
> I like his hard work stuff and some of his ideas.
> I don't support him though because he is CRINGE.   And narcissistically
> insecure.  Constantly making very awkward and bad joke tweets. Also, tweets
> he thinks are deep but are the kind of thing a 15 year old thinks when they
> get high for the first time.  His weird megalomania right down to pushing
> his dumb joke tweets to everyone's feed.  He comes off as, and is, very
> desperate.  Watch the new clip of him on Chappelle.   Why did he even come
> out?  All he wants is validation and love from the crowd but he's too
> autistically negligent to figure out how to actually make people like him.
> So that's why I don't really support him much, because I know someone
> better will come along, and because a lot of times it feels like he's
> already done the best stuff he ever will.
> Maybe he'll have an awakening and do something unexpected and
> interesting.  To his credit, that is the kind of think he might do.  But he
> is so awkwardly unlikable that I can't really support him as some kind of
> social leader.  Hate to say it but he and many many others could learn a
> lot from Trump regarding oratory and conversational skills.

### Yeah, and that SNL appearance was cringe, too. Elon is aspy, no
question about it. And that shit about Ukraine needing to talk to the
Muscovites and brown-nosing with the Chicom, and the weird dance moves,
yes, there is a lot of surface detail that could turn you off.

Still, he does act right. He has creativity, focus and very good technical
judgment. He is the most authentic major CEO out there. Compare him to the
poisonous toad Mary Barra. He is not afraid to admit mistakes. He is
fighting the good fight - for freedom of speech, for AI safety, for
uploading, for human survival off-planet.

Most importantly, he has the most audacious, brazen, optimistic and
inspiring vision for our future - multi-planetary, transhumanist - exactly
the kind of ideas that first attracted me to the Extropian list back in the
1990's. We dreamed of this future 25 years ago, and now the engineers under
Elon's leadership are actually making it happen.

That's why I do support Elon, cringe and all.
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