[ExI] what would any of us have done differently?

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>...Have you no understanding of cause and effect?

>...Sure do John.  Cause: Twitter was operating in absurdly expensive office
space and grossly overstaffed, resulting in its losing money so fast the end
was clearly in sight.

>...Effect: stockholders bailed when given the first opportunity.... spike  

I am struggling to imagine what it must have been like in those Twitter
board of directors meetings, oh mercy.  I can imagine the directors looking
at that balance sheet and asking: Jack, please tell us you have some kind of
plan here buddy.  What are you doing for us Jack?  Throw us a bone Jack...

That sorta thing, while the sweat pours off this guy's head because he
doesn't have a clue how to turn this around without laying off most of the
staff and moving HQ about 100 miles east where costs are way lower.

Then... Musk came along offering to buy the mess.  Heh.  Those board members
must be still having nightmares, PTSD, they are back in that board room
hammering Jack Dorsey on how he plans to save their fortune from becoming
about a tenth the size it was.


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