[ExI] what would any of us have done differently?

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>...Effect: stockholders bailed when given the first opportunity.... 

Something occurred to me while I was writing about Twitter.  I am really
dealing with an orthogonal axis from what most people are posting about, the
whole culture war stuff that I see as irrelevant to the business aspect of
reviving a failing company.  It doesn't matter whose politics are where on
the board and CEO if the company is accelerating toward bankruptcy at a rate
already approaching c.  Either way it is just as gone afterwards.

What I realized is that the mainstream media companies must be experiencing
something pretty similar to what Twitter1.0 was seeing, for many of the same
reasons.  They are trying to sell something that can be had for free.  We
don't really need them anymore.  Advertisers must recognize this too: if one
can get all the news one can consume, and tune it to get that which is most
relevant, and all that requires no purchases, why do we need legacy media at
all?  How can the legacy media companies pay all those people, many of them
expensive, when the internet offers news free?


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