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The thing that surprises me the most about all this is that it just arrived
one day.  It wasn't really much like the computer animation competitions
where we watched it get better and better and better each year.  This one
just showed up one day, a talking avatar good enough to pass as a human
companion (even if vaguely annoying for being so ruly.)  


Puzzling aside: my email program questions my use of the term ruly but I
don't see why.  We all know the definition of unruly, and the program has no
problem at all with that.  But what is the opposite?  We don't say ununruly
so why does it object to the obvious?  That term is the best way to describe
this talking avatar, ja?  Annoyingly ruly he is.


On the other hand, this guy is good enough that people could take to
considering him an actual human.  He could be thought of as a trusted
professor or mentor.  Then should the software be designed to convince his
minions to do bad deeds, the avatar becomes exactly the kind of malicious
software that Eliezer Yudkowsky has been sweating for 25 years, except
without the actual autonomy.


Does anyone here hang out on Less Wrong?  Are those guys talking about this?







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Dang this guy is good.  


(94) Gestures + ChatGPT (Synthesia's avatars with new micro-gestures +
OpenAI's ChatGPT) - YouTube


Thompson points out what we saw: ChatGPT is an ass-kisser, which is great
for software, but as we approach Uncanny Valley and we start to think of it
as human, we don't want it to be completely polite and obedient.



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