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"Sort of"???  *That* is *very* intersting. What did it want to say, to change the subject to?


sjatkins via extropy-chat wrote:
> I was playing with it last night.  I wanted to see if I could give a 
> sentence stem or two expressing an opinion on a subject a bit 
> different from the common one and have it continue in that line.  It 
> did a pretty good job producing a more nuanced than what you usually 
> hear in the West few paragraphs on Ukraine.  But after several tries I 
> couldn't get it to stick with the theme that Net Zero by 2030 might 
> not be justified or possible.   I found that sort of interesting.

Ja Samantha and MB, this chatbot is such a bootlick it doesn't want to cause offense to any delicate flower human who thinks net zero is going to happen in the next few years.  Do let me offer calm assurance: huge changes happen very slowly if they ever happen at all.  This one will, I think, but predict it will take at least 50 years, and unless we build a bunch of fission plants, net zero won't happen at all.  I further predict the world will not end in seven years just because we failed at net zero.  My grumpy opinions only, disregard if you wish.

In the meantime, since I tossed that turd in the punchbowl, do forgive me for I am completely exhausted.  My own friend for most of my life gained a huge flabby middle during covid, and in the past year has been on a grim mission to the death, or lose it.  He was that serious: lose the flab or die trying.  Well he lost it all with change left over, and now is a better athlete than I am.  Today he took me on a brutal death march of 19 miles with 3600 ft of climb and I am too exhausted to convert that to sensible units.  We are still using the measuring system BillK cursed us with a long time ago, and even if it wasn't exactly BillK who perpetrated that crime, I am still too exhausted to think, so with that, have a good evening, tomorrow we post!


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