[ExI] it gestures! chatgpt has arrived

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Wed Dec 21 15:01:13 UTC 2022

spike jones via extropy-chat wrote:

> Ja Samantha and MB, this chatbot is such a bootlick it doesn't want to cause offense to any delicate flower human who thinks net zero is going to happen in the next few years.  Do let me offer calm assurance: huge changes happen very slowly if they ever happen at all.  This one will, I think, but predict it will take at least 50 years, and unless we build a bunch of fission plants, net zero won't happen at all.  I further predict the world will not end in seven years just because we failed at net zero.  My grumpy opinions only, disregard if you wish.
Sigh.  I delivered Christmas cookies to my 85 year old cousin and for 
the second time in 6 months she stated that The World Would End In 10 Years.

She hangs on mainstream TV news much of the day, TV on while she and her 
hubs are awake, with news running across the huge screen at the bottom.

I cannot imagine how awful her dreams must be. What a way to live.


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