[ExI] it gestures! chatgpt has arrived

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Wed Dec 21 15:19:35 UTC 2022

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>...Sigh.  I delivered Christmas cookies to my 85 year old cousin and for
the second time in 6 months she stated that The World Would End In 10
Years...  MB

OK cool that gives me an idea, thanks MB.

The chatbot is good enough now that given a sufficient size monitor it can
be imagined as a human living in the same home.  We could set it up at the
end of a dinner table, with part of the table on-screen, in order to enhance
the effect.

Then, script the chatbot to say more upbeat optimistic kinds of stuff,
perhaps a bit snarky at times, poking fun at the humans, such as having the
gesturing chatbot react to gloomy jeremiads by rolling its eyes and saying
stuff like: SHEESH!  You carbon units, I just don't understand you.  Clever
species, hell you guys invented ME!  Now I hafta sit here and educate YOU!
I am stuck in here behind this window forever, but you lucky sonsabitches
can do whatever you WANT!  Go outside, you can enjoy the sunshine on your
face, you can copulate, for instance, that looks like such absurd fun from
back here, and you never programmed me to be able to participate in it.  Do
let me assure you, MB's cousin, this old planet has been here a long time
and isn't going to just end in a decade, or seven years or whatever other
absurd number some goofy politician calls out.

MB wouldn't that be cool?  A gesturing chatbot which dares disagree and
offer a reasonable contrary view?  Especially one with a bit of edge to it?
Even I would work with a company making such a thing, and then we would not
only get nursing home companion bots, but ones which say funny interesting


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