[ExI] it gestures! chatgpt has arrived

William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 15:52:54 UTC 2022

Give me an estimate:  nursing home companion bots, - How long will it take
before such things are cheap enough?

 One way would be to have the AI just available on a TV and not 'in
person'.  That way you could have dozens of AI channels so a patient can
surf various looks and personalities.
Having an actual look-alike person in the nursing home will be many decades
away because of cost - I reckon.

Some won't even know they are not real people.  Those who know might not
care.  Better an AI than nobody to talk to.

bill w

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> >...Sigh.  I delivered Christmas cookies to my 85 year old cousin and for
> the second time in 6 months she stated that The World Would End In 10
> Years...  MB
> OK cool that gives me an idea, thanks MB.
> The chatbot is good enough now that given a sufficient size monitor it can
> be imagined as a human living in the same home.  We could set it up at the
> end of a dinner table, with part of the table on-screen, in order to
> enhance
> the effect.
> Then, script the chatbot to say more upbeat optimistic kinds of stuff,
> perhaps a bit snarky at times, poking fun at the humans, such as having the
> gesturing chatbot react to gloomy jeremiads by rolling its eyes and saying
> stuff like: SHEESH!  You carbon units, I just don't understand you.  Clever
> species, hell you guys invented ME!  Now I hafta sit here and educate YOU!
> I am stuck in here behind this window forever, but you lucky sonsabitches
> can do whatever you WANT!  Go outside, you can enjoy the sunshine on your
> face, you can copulate, for instance, that looks like such absurd fun from
> back here, and you never programmed me to be able to participate in it.  Do
> let me assure you, MB's cousin, this old planet has been here a long time
> and isn't going to just end in a decade, or seven years or whatever other
> absurd number some goofy politician calls out.
> MB wouldn't that be cool?  A gesturing chatbot which dares disagree and
> offer a reasonable contrary view?  Especially one with a bit of edge to it?
> Even I would work with a company making such a thing, and then we would not
> only get nursing home companion bots, but ones which say funny interesting
> things.
> spike
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