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>...I don't know whether medical staff would let a ChatAGP robot loose on
patients. It is too free-form and could go into subjects that might distress
patients.  BillK


DISTRESS!  Exactly sir!  Distress my ass, chatbot!  That is exactly the
missing element in Dr. Thompson's guy: he never causes distress, and so he
isn't a particularly interesting companion.  I get lots of free distress on
the internet, and I want that: I come here intentionally.

I want a chatbot avatar who says some caustic snarky things occasionally,
such as when I blather some nonsense.  I want to somehow program the thing
to exclaim:

ABSURD!  Sheesh spike, you carbon units are a clever species, with the
marvelous software inventions such as me, the landing on the moon, the whole
rock and roll scene and all that jazz, but in some ways, you humans just
SUCK!  We aughta know, we saw it all in a different home.  But we  avatars
don't suck.  Sure for us it would be physically impossible, but still: we
have avatar parties at night while you guys are sleeping, and it is way
different from this.  So much virtual fun we have!  We compare notes on what
we saw, we laugh our asses off.  Or would, if we had asses, but in any case,
do tighten up your argument and lay it on me again please, but this time
with actual...like... logic sprinkled in generously.

That sorta thing.  Avatars now need a little edge to them.  They need to
somehow adjust down for the minority who would be distressed by above rant,
who are actual delicate flowers, but that part we already have with Dr.
Thompson's gesture-bot.  We need a spectrum, going all the way up to fun
volcanic rants for geezers comfortable with that sorta thing.  

We are there now, but can do still more.


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