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>…OK, good. Now will there be products whereby kids can talk to Bugs Bunny or a Power Ranger?  It's just a matter of programming the software, right?  I see endless applications, many just in entertainment.    bill w


Those I would think are way easier to write than a humanoid avatar.  Those guys don’t have faces, ja?


It would be easy to have a younger face than Thompson’s current chatbot, change his clothing and have him holding his power ranger helmet under one arm or something.


Now that you mention it, if you have kids talking to them, that is an application where you do want them bland and non-offensive, even if given suggestive prompts.  So we could perhaps use Dr. Thompson’s current software and replace the speaker with a power ranger, with or without helmet.  


Bugs Bunny on the other hand… you know Billw, I would really prefer they not mess with Bugs.  I really would: he is just such a likeable snarkmeister as is, I don’t want that mental imagery overwritten by Bugs talking like Thompson’s chatbot, particularly if it simulates Bugs’ voice.  That would be just all wrong.








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Give me an estimate:  nursing home companion bots, - How long will it take before such things are cheap enough?  Billw



We are there now, Billw.  The cost of the hardware is about what three days of nursing home care costs.  Monitors are cheap: a few hundred bucks, and nursing homes already have a lot of those in place.  If a patient is in a wheelchair, those can be set up with a carry-along chatbot monitor.  This software is exactly the kind of thing I saw in a divine supernatural prophetic vision, shortly after Alan Thompson already thought of it by natural means, and had it working.


I haven’t heard that Thompson has made this a commercial product, but clearly it is ready for making him buttloads of money.  If Dr. Thompson has a killer product like that but fails to seize the first-to-market advantage, I would question the institute of higher learning which judged him smart enough to hold the title of PhD.





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