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Wed Dec 21 21:55:28 UTC 2022


This is funny if one is comfortably matched.  There is a similar billboard
in sight of a freeway in Santa Clara which queries: DO YOU MAKE 300K?
Quality singles, join MillionaireMatch.com:




OK then.  I get a feeling this is really about opportunities for smokin hot
women to meet high-power high paid geeky men who are at work most of the
time, which is how this site likely defines "quality singles."  Check out
the guy: scraggly beard, horizontal striped shirt, sheesh this is geeky even
by MY very loose standards.  This leads directly to the conclusion that two
paths to becoming a "quality single" is either being a smokin hot female or
make a ton of money.


Oh am so glad I am not single.  I would have no idea what to do in today's
world, none.  I am soooo not a hipster to the singles scene.  Sheesh I
wasn't a hipster 40 years ago when I was part of it.



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