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I cannot imagine an INTJ/P as a hipster.  Would ring totally false with
others and with oneself.  But we are cool.  Repeat story (?);

Was walking downtown and passed a service station.  A man came out and
stopped me (behind him in the station I could see a woman who closely
resembled a student of mine, so I thought maybe I was in for some flak (the
worst flak I ever got from a relative was from a preacher who chewed me
out- wife was a student) - but no - he said that his daughter was a student
of mine and she had told him, her father, that I was cool.  Then he tilted
his head and looked at me like I was some kind of pink octopus).  Frat boys
told me I was cool.  I just thought I was laid back, which I was.  Being
cool never entered my mind.  I still don't know all of what they meant.
For sure I was not like other teachers at all.  Very loose and joky.
Sometimes I thought I was just putting all of this on, but realized that
this is what I was in front of a class, which was quite different from what
I was in any other situation.

I think we have different personalities for every situation and for every
individual person we interact with.  The big, underlying factors don't
change, though.

A person can be a clam with his wife, and yet tell all his highly personal
stuff to a man he just met at a bar.

Personality fascinated me from the beginning, and still does.

I'll bet you could loosen up and be a wild man on the dance floor.  I
could, as I have told you.  I think it's a form of acting:  you act
according to the context you are in.  If everyone is jumping around to the
music you will find that you enjoy it too and nobody cares what you look
like.  I once put it to a friend because I thought ofmyself as a drunken
giraffe dancing.  He just said I looked like I was having a good time (and
did not comment on my 'style' or technique, which were likely awkward as I
had never danced before.).

Walt Whitman - 'I contain multitudes'

bill w

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> This is funny if one is comfortably matched.  There is a similar billboard
> in sight of a freeway in Santa Clara which queries: DO YOU MAKE 300K?
> Quality singles, join MillionaireMatch.com:
> https://sfstandard.com/arts-culture/what-this-toxic-billboard-says-about-dating-in-the-bay-area/
> OK then.  I get a feeling this is really about opportunities for smokin
> hot women to meet high-power high paid geeky men who are at work most of
> the time, which is how this site likely defines “quality singles.”  Check
> out the guy: scraggly beard, horizontal striped shirt, sheesh this is geeky
> even by MY very loose standards.  This leads directly to the conclusion
> that two paths to becoming a “quality single” is either being a smokin hot
> female or make a ton of money.
> Oh am so glad I am not single.  I would have no idea what to do in today’s
> world, none.  I am soooo not a hipster to the singles scene.  Sheesh I
> wasn’t a hipster 40 years ago when I was part of it.
> spike
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