[ExI] Could ChatGPT replace Google search?

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Thu Dec 22 15:43:04 UTC 2022

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> What if... the chatbot search engines get loose so that Google isn't
> deploying them?  How do the authorities gain control of the message then?

What if we allowed natural selection to drive countermeasures for the
improved noise?

You don't click on links promising cure-all from "one weird trick" or tell
your friends about 'life hacks (genius!)' because you've learned how
worthless is that nonsense.

You probably don't read TO the second page of Google results,  much less
past it.

Why? We've learned.

Do you still see the kind of spam you dealt with in early 2000's?  The spam
has changed, and the email systems have also changed.   I suspect the
search engine space is overdue for change. Apex infovores will also adapt.
We may need to admit that the smartest human now needs a software butler to
bring the most nutritious data on a platter because raw internet is too
messy/toxic to consume directly.

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