[ExI] Could ChatGPT replace Google search?

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Thu Dec 22 22:50:03 UTC 2022

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> They are orthogonal technologies.  A search engine indexes and searches, with some tech front-end to statistically pick likely best, content across the web.   A chatbot of chatGPT type is build from large corpus of text with some feather extraction from it a la various machine learning techniques.   It in no wise has all the content of the internet indexed nor is it optimized for search across it.  These are very different possibly but not necessarily complimentary technologies.  That something can write reasonably coherent prose doesn't make it all-knowing.  It has no real understanding of the subject it is writing about.
> I am puzzled by something I read on ChatGPT which is that it does not use search engines.  It seems to me that adding that to a chatGPT or incorporating both together would make for an even more powerful tool, especially for article and even research paper creation.
> I wonder how good an assistant ChatGPT would make for the work of copywriting?
> - samantha
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Copywriters and article writers are already using ChatGPT.
See:  <https://browsermedia.agency/blog/how-can-marketers-use-chatgpt/>
The conclusion seems to be that it can provide an initial draft and
suggest ideas and structure.
But the final polish still needs human attention.

I see Google adding something like ChatGPT as a front-end to their
search results.
Depending on the search query and first few search results, writing a
paragraph or two as an answer to the query. But still listing the
search results for humans to go to the source websites themselves.
This will probably require a more advanced version of ChatGPT.
OpenAI is supposed to release GPT-4 early in 2023, as a much improved
version of ChatGPT and GPT-3.


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