[ExI] Could ChatGPT replace Google search?

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>...Copywriters and article writers are already using ChatGPT.
See:  <https://browsermedia.agency/blog/how-can-marketers-use-chatgpt/>
The conclusion seems to be that it can provide an initial draft and suggest
ideas and structure.
But the final polish still needs human attention....BillK


ChatGPT is really the biggest threat to mainstream news.  Plenty of us are
asking why we still need a mainstream press, and if so, what can it do for
us that an internet-searching chatbot can't do better for free?  Any ideas?
The important stories will boil to the top and be heard.  We can ask it to
focus on the important stuff: new mathematical or astronomy discoveries for
instance, technology stuff, that sorta thing.  We don't really need the
mainstream press anymore.

Remember for a minute high school.  OK so many of us, it's painful, I know.
But remember how you got news back then: you just heard it, ja?  You heard
it from various sources, compared, filtered, figured out what was true.
Your high school had a newspaper probably.  Did you read it?  Neither did I.
That wasn't how you got campus news: it was too slow, it was filtered, it
was useless.  You heard things.  The internet searching chatbot is the
modern equivalent to the gossipy cheerleader friend who knew everything.


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