[ExI] What time is it really?

Jason Resch jasonresch at gmail.com
Mon Dec 26 11:10:53 UTC 2022

Time zone and international dateline conventions aside, all points in time
are equally real.

The present time then is just a mutual agreement of contemporaries, and the
word 'now' carries no more objectivity than does the word 'here'.

I've written more on this here:


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> I sent in a problem query to a software support team today and as it
> was Christmas Day, I was surprised to get an email reply a few minutes
> later explaining the problem.  I thanked him for the quick reply, then
> commented that I didn't expect anybody to be working on Christmas Day.
> He replied quickly again and said, "We didn't work on Christmas Day
> either, but here in New Zealand it is now Boxing Day".  !!!
> I've got used to US folk being 5 to 8 hours behind UK time, but NZ
> folk being into the next day ahead is a bit unsettling!
> What was Einstein saying about Relativity again?
> BillK
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