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>…As far as the current crimes against humanity, I suspect a lot of the problems are coming from the manufactured spike protein interacting with endothelial cells lining the blood vessels, but that is just speculation until some actual science is allowed to be done on it… Dylan




About a year ago I went on and on about what if… someone were to get a crazy high number of jabs, perhaps in order to get vaccine passports to sell.  Because of legalities, such people couldn’t share what happened to them on a public-access platform such as Twitter.  But think about it: pretty dang much any wacky thing humans can imagine to do, some wacky human will do it, completely without exception.  Further proof: any time I come up with some scheme to make a buttload of money, someone somewhere else has already thought of it and done it.  Conclusion: someone somewhere has gotten over a 100 jabs by now.  But we don’t know what happened to that person.  We have no way of finding out that important medical data, because of legalities.  From what I am now hearing, if there is such a person, she might have died just from having her tissues flooded with spike protein (oh how I really dislike that name for the bad-guy proteins.)






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