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>…I am not anti-vax, but I am anti mRNA technology.   There are a lot more problems with these "vaccines" beyond the fact the risk analysis does not work out for young people.   Firstly, the nanoparticles carrying mRNA to produce a cytotoxic protein (the spike) do not stay localized to the injection site as promised, and rapidly spread throughout most tissues in the body (to varying degrees based on organ).  


>…Here is the abstract from the Science paper:

Class switch towards non-inflammatory, spike-specific IgG4 antibodies after repeated SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination
22 Dec 2022
First Release
DOI: 10.1126/sciimmunol.ade2798

…Importantly, this class switch was associated with a reduced capacity of the spike-specific antibodies to mediate antibody-dependent cellular phagocytosis and complement deposition. …






Thx Dylan.  I am not anti-vax, but I am and have always been anti-mandate.  I have always thought that whole notion was wrong wrong wrong on multiple levels, including all of them.


Something occurred to me that perhaps Dr. Rafal can comment upon.  The medical community must have suspected this long before the Brits published what must have been a very painful study for them.  These doctors were compelled to go along, and in the states it was required of them.  They must have already known or suspected, since they would seldom see a 20-something patient, vaccinated or otherwise.  So they would already think the vaccines don’t do much for the young.  But they would see vaccine adverse reactions.  If the medics suspected this, it would explain a lotta lotta, such as Rafal’s attitude and my own doctor’s attitude.  She saw all this too.


Here's a kicker for yas: I have regular email contact with ordinary proles.  This is partially because I am an actual ordinary prole, but it’s more than that: I do online genealogy and contact people regularly to collaborate on family trees.  I have found that people will freely share that kind of info with strangers, some even stranger than I am: when they catch something, what it was, how bad it was, reactions to covid vaccines, that kinda thing.  This is the kind of info people were not allowed to share on Twitter: an ordinary prole could be suspended from that forum just for posting anything the CDC didn’t like.  The FBI saw to it that this policy was enforced on Twitter.  A tool that could have enabled us to see that signal was intentionally disabled.


We are now three years into the covid pandemic and nearly two years into the vaccines.  There has been enough time and enough data to discover what the Brits are just now publishing, had we the resource of allowing ordinary proles free access to share their covid and vaccine experiences.  We…screwed…up…big…time.  There is no soft way to say it, my extropian friends: we (humanity) screwed up bigtime.



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